Chio Aachen

Aachen's figurehead and linchpin in matters of equestrian sport on a global level. Whether from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, America or Eastern Europe - people from all over the world come together to follow current riding events in Aachen for two weeks.


Tri-border region

Have you ever had the opportunity to be in three countries at the same time? Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet at the triangle of Aachen. Embedded in a beautiful forest panorama, the borders meet here and offer a lookout tower with a view over the countries.


Christmas markets

At the end of the year, Aachen turns into a hustle and bustle, amid cozy decorated wooden huts and celebrates the Aachen Christmas market. Especially in the evening hours, the city is wrapped in a cozy veil of light that gets in the mood for Christmas.



Cologne Alaaf !? Definitely, but here in Aachen we call it Oche Alaaf! And the Aachen Carnival is really something to be proud of. The carnival procession runs through the entire old town and transforms the city into a variety of colors and costumes for a week.


Cathedral and old town

Even the Romans appreciated Aachen's hot springs, Emperor Karl made it his home and the imperial city of Bad Aachen still knows how to inspire today. With the cathedral as a world cultural heritage, Aachen's old town has an impressive city center.



One of the few Thalys stops is in Aachen! From Aachen you can comfortably board the Thalys that stop here and get off in Paris in two and a half hours. The close proximity to the French capital is a great day trip.



If you listen carefully, a few notes always swing through Aachen. Whether it's very current, at Stadt Glüh, where different bands and artists appear in Aachen for free, on the large stage of the Kimiko Festival, which repeatedly attracts international acts.



Ringing! Aachen and the surrounding area are bike-friendly. With us you can safely park your bikes free of charge in our large garage. From here you can, for example, cycle on an old, developed railway line over the Vennbahn cycle path to Luxembourg.


Hohes Venn

An overnight stay in Aachen not only enables a beautiful city center, but also excursions into the area around Aachen. With the High Fens you will find an overwhelming moor landscape that you will never forget. Walk in the old footsteps of the coffee smugglers during the Second World War on well-developed wooden paths and let nature cast its spell over you.